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             ​I've been in the military for almost a decade. During that time I met my husband, gave birth to two bright and busy children, & got my degree. In the summer of 2017, life took a crazy & unexpected turn when my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. From 2017-2019, my life seemed to be consumed by one traumatizing thing after the next. It was all consuming, I was a shell of myself, I was trapped in a dark forest that never ended.

               Once the dust began to settle, I decided to try to find what I truly love doing. So I started painting. Well painting was fun but I soon realized I would only paint when I was triggered from sheer trauma. Then, the COVID pandemic struck, & with the extra time home from teleworking I decided to start a t-shirt business. That got boring REALLY fast! I tried one craft after the next, but the one thing that was always on my heart was candle making. I made my very first candle in my kitchen at the stove, & at that moment I knew I had finally found it! From smelling & testing new fragrances, testing different wicks, vessels, & everything in between. I love it all! My only wish is that my grandma was here to light one. She would be proud.


Owner/Founder of The Chase Street Renaissance

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